About Live The Food Life

Thank you for your curiosity! I’m so glad you want to know more about Live The Food Life and its mission!

The most important and biggest motivation for my blog and its purpose, is definitely my health. Here you can read more about me and my health-related history.

Through a process of trial and error and later my online research I found out that lifestyle factors can have a major influence on our immune system and autoimmune disease. There’s an entire scientific world out there! After reading some of Sarah Ballantyne’s blogposts I was convinced: she inspired me and therefore the Paleo lifestyle was going to be my first step towards healing my body.

What I missed though, was a website or blog giving the full overview, really showing me how it’s done, what the effects are, what you can and can’t eat, relevant resources. Someone explaining the basics and show you how to get started, without having to read tons of books! The full picture, within a few clicks, for everybody. If changing your lifestyle can be such a relief for your body and thus for you, this should be available for anyone!

I love books, I love reading, so I figured, why not me?! I can do that! So here I am, starting my journey. What I want to accomplish with Live The Food Life: I want to provide you with a full overview of what autoimmune diseases are, how life with one or more autoimmune disease(s) is, but mostly, how you can influence your health and strengthen your immune system. And of course I will be using (scientific) literature to do so.

Just to be clear: do I know whether our lifestyle can really heal our entire body and even reverse autoimmune disease? No, I don’t! In case of autoimmune disease or even on suspicion of one, I’ll always advise you to see your doctor, and discuss changes in your lifestyle prior to implementing them.

I hope to inspire people and I want to give hope to everyone struggling with one or more chronic (autoimmune) condition(s). I know how it feels to have your entire life determined by your health, but fortunately I can now say I also know how it feels to regain control and live your life the way you want to! At the moment this is for a huge part thanks to my medication, but my ultimate goal is live a stable, healthy and happy life without prescribed medications!

You’re more than welcome to follow me on this journey!

Still want to know more about Live The Food Life? This was an adapted short version of the article you can read here!

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XO Marloes